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with love
Who lives in the rhythm of the city
Incredible desserts, tempting promotions every day
The coffee shop perfectly combines a warm and cozy atmosphere for breakfast. A convenient place for business meetings and business lunches, as well as a place to meet with friends and family after a long working day.

An amazing atmosphere is soft light, thoughtful and concise interior, polite service.
Aromatic coffee made from 100% Arabica, incredible desserts, tempting promotions every day.

This is a place for those who appreciate the quality of food and drinks, the courtesy of service and the atmosphere of comfort.
Coffee is a part of the daily rythm
And some have made it a permanent part of their lifestyle
You can order a traditional coffee with your favorite grain
The main taste profile of this coffee is rich, with a light acidity of cocoa and citrus fruits.

In espresso, the notes of prunes and dark fruit stones are well read, and in the long aftertaste, a pleasant astringency of spices and black tea with lemon is added to the bitterness of chocolate.
From the first sips, you can taste the spicy lime. This tart green citrus prevails in the aroma.

The juice of dark grapes is intertwined with shades of wild strawberries; apricot and other fruit stones taste neatly against the background. The aftertaste is long, with notes of strong black tea and flowers.

Sidamo is a good coffee for connoisseurs of bright espresso, its taste turns out juicy.

Fruit stones, bergamot, citrus fruits are a typical profile of Ethiopia. And due to the darker roasting, sweet shades of caramel and honey also appear in the taste.
Colombia Excelso
Ethiopia Guji
Ethiopia Sidamo
The secret of our coffee shop — our desserts
We approach the preparation of our favorite desserts with love and with all our heart. This is the honed skill of confectioners who put their whole soul into each dish.
Our philosophy
We focused on delicious and high-quality coffee.

Careful selection allows you to choose only the best coffee beans and roast them so as to reveal the most refined notes of taste and pass them to each cup.
Our team loves coffee and the idea of developing coffee culture.

We learn a lot by ourselves and are ready to share our knowledge with our guests. We work with the best equipments and use advanced tools and technologies.
We use only fresh grains harvest from different parts of the world.

High-quality grain leaves its own unique history in the taste.

We value your trust!
How about coffee?

227 Lenin Avenue, Saint Petersburg
How about coffee?

227 Lenin Avenue, Saint Petersburg
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